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Kaizen Martial Arts Reviews

  • We had such a wonderful experience. My daughter responded well to the structured, encouraging environment. The staff is great with the kids. My daughter made friends and learned new skills. We started with lessons, and then used them for summer care/day camp. It was a huge relief to know she was well cared for and having fun when I had to work some long hours. We even had her 6th birthday there, and it was a blast! If we didn't recently move out of state we would still be going to class!

    Laura C
  • This is such an AWESOME place. The instructors are phenominal at not only instructing karate but also teaching the children about life's lessons such as respect, discipline, listening, and treating everyone as an equal. My daughter loves attending and hates to leave. Highly, highly recommended.

    Cassie C
  • Jacqueline G, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    If you want to learn how to kick ass and lose weight at the same time come here! I love this place! Family oriented and very caring!

    Jacqueline G
  • Jessica B, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son is in the midst of his first session and is really enjoying it. Not only am I impressed by the karate skills he is learning each week, but love the connections to discipline, respect, honesty, self control, and leadership. The LoPinto Family and teachers are caring and fantastic with the students. Thank you for the start to a great journey.

    Jessica B
  • Frank N, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    My daughter loves her teen class. She is always excited to go. I can see that it is helping build strength and confidence. The instructors are fantastic and do a great job. My only regret is not getting her stated earlier!

    Frank N
  • Joe K, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excellent program, caring professional staff, incredible array of Martial Arts programs as well as life skills education for children and adults. Highly recommended.

    Joe K
  • Arun K, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great people, atmosphere and instruction. My daughter truly enjoys learning karate at Kaizen.

    Arun K
  • Josh Choice MA Saper, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great training, good people

    Lots of different aspects of martial arts to learn about.

    Josh Choice MA Saper
  • Samantha K, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Kaizen Martial Arts is a fantastic training facility for both children and adults. I've been training in the adult program, consisting of Krav Maga, Korean Karate, and Fight Shape. The curriculum is challenging and structured, and the instructors are encouraging and supportive. I have made some wonderful friends here and feel great both physically and mentally. Frank and Stacie LoPinto (owners) really care about providing quality education in a supportive environment. Pricing is very reasonable and facility is nice and clean. I highly recommend Kaizen Martial Arts without reservation.

    Samantha K
  • Jim R, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    After two years training at Kaizen I couldn't be happier. The adult Krav Maga and fitness classes are excellent. Fantastic instruction and friendly training partners make training here fun and rewarding.

    Jim R
  • Geno B, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son started training at Kaizen Martial Arts at the age of 5. Recently he turned 10 and earned his Black Belt, which was one of the most rewarding and defining moments of his young life. During those five years I also began training under their adult program and have nothing but great things to say about the entire experience, both as a parent of a student and as a student myself. The family atmosphere, courteous professionalism, instructor quality, and martial arts pedigree of KMA is unmatched by any Karate school in the area. My son also participates in their After School program, which is both convenient and superior to Extended Day Care. As you can see from the other reviews, I am not alone in my positive assessment and genuine praise of KMA. But don't take my word for it. Stop in and check it out, just like my son and I did five years ago.

    Geno B
  • Teresa C, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place, awesome teachers!!! My son loves it and I love it!!! We could not be more happy with it!

    Teresa C
  • Theodore T, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    This is where you test for you're next belt. I am currently high yellow belt. My teacher is Tom McGoldrick.

    Theodore T
  • Brian L, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    Kaizen Martial Arts is a great place to learn a variety of self-defense techniques. You really get all your bases covered. Fun!

    Brian L
  • Leo M, Kaizen Martial Arts Testimonials

    As a parent whose daughter is training at Kaizen, I couldn't be happier with this school. The instructors and family environment has done wonders for my little girl and took her from being a shy-introverted person to the strong, focused, and disciplined girl that she is now and she is just entering her third year of training. She continues to set and exceed every goal set and it is very tough to put into words the level of service you get from everyone at there.

    I was so impressed with the folks at Kaizen and inspired by my daughter that I became an adult student there. The Adult classes are just as focused and fun as the kids classes. I especially enjoy the little extra that we get when the instructors take the time to explain more of the practical side and how we implement the training into real-life situations. Even knowing the origins of techniques we are learning gives you a new perspective on things. The physical side of the training is astounding as your are pushed past your limits to discover new ones. The feeling of family from day 1 that you walk into class is truly a help as you are not just a nameless face in a class. You feel welcome, encouraged, and everyone helps each other out no matter the situation.

    Leo M


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